SOUNDPEATS Launches Life Wireless Earbuds in the US



SOUNDPEATS Launches Life Wireless Earbuds in the United States 


Priced at $29.99, SOUNDPEATS Life offers an ideal budget solution for ANC  

Caption: SOUNDPEATS Life wireless earbuds feature premium ANC and extended playtime for 25 hours.


On October 20, 2022, SOUNDPEATS, a global wireless earbuds producer and an Amazon bestseller in the headphone category, unveils its SOUNDPEATS Life Wireless Earbuds on Amazon in the United States. The SOUNDPEATS Life wireless earbuds are now available for $29.99 lasting two weeks until November 3rd.

 This brand-new earbuds SOUNDPEATS Life is a very ideal solution for ANC(Active Noise Cancelling) on the market today, given that it is equipped with strong noise cancelling technology, which effectively eliminates external noise up to 25dB. Each earbuds employs dual-mic noise canceling algorithm to achieve crystal-clear communications. Meanwhile, it is now launched at a super wallet-friendly price $29.99.It would be fair the say that SOUNDPEATS Life is a strong competitor compared to wireless earbuds with similar performance and price.

 “The Life is the best value-for-money solution to date in SOUNDPEATS history. These wireless earbuds combine a comfortable and trendy design with cutting-edge audio technology in order to offer a high quality, but affordable listening experience for everyone,” said Jason Yang, CEO of SOUNDPEATS AUDIO. “SOUNDPEATS is excited to expand product offerings to our dedicated customers by launching the Life in the United States.”

 According to Bart Breij, a veteran audio reviewer, “The SOUNDPEATS Life has convincing Active Noise Cancelling for its friendly price point under 50 dollars. It almost entirely copies the successful noise reduction of the Air3 Pro - and that's a good thing.

 SOUNDPEATS Life follows the classic half in-ear style with ergonomic design that comfortably fits into the ear canal. The laser-engraving texture and metal sequin find a balance between luxuriance and humbleness.

As for the performance, beside the surprising ANC, the Life also boasts a 12mm large driver, designed to deliver high-quality stereo sound in an exceptional wide stage. Thanks to that, you could feel the resonant rhythm of bass while not missing the clarity and treble. 

The earbuds are powered by superior Bluetooth 5.2 technology, providing you with true wireless enjoyment with fast pairing and stable connection. In game mode, SOUNDPEATS Life offers a more in-sync audio-visual experience for video watching and gaming with an input latency as low as 60ms. Moreover, Life has extended total playtime lasting 25 hours (with ANC off) and another 4 recharges by the charging case.

 Certainly, other shining points of the new Life also includes standardized smart control, transparency mode,Type-C Charging and so on.





SOUNDPEATS Life is waiting for you to explore!


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