SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro - Pre-launch l $39.99

SOUNDPEATS Hybrid ANC Air3 Pro will be launched on 28th June in the US Amazon. There will be a limited-time online deal price of $39.99 on a first-come, first-served!

We will also hold a Giveaway for fans to get Mini Pro and PEATS on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from 10 to 13 June

SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro Key Features:

  • QCC3046  l aptX Adaptive 
  • Hybrid ANC 35 dB 
  • 12mm Bio-diaphragm
  • Super Long battery life
  • Game mode 60ms latency

QCC3046 aptX Adaptive

Air3 Pro uses Qualcomm QCC3046 and Bluetooth 5.2, which enhanced the consumer experience and the connectivity of the Bluetooth earbuds and ensures ultra-low power consumption.

The aptX Adaptive audio decoding also is used in true wireless Air3 Pro. It supports 24bit 420khz high-definition sound quality and can automatically switch to low-latency features when playing games, video, etc. Also, it can adaptively adjust the bit rate according to the current environment to offer you rich and delicate sound

Hybrid ANC 35 dB

Air3 Pro is the TWS earbuds developed by SOUNDPEATS with Active Noise Cancellation on the Qualcomm platform. The noise reduction depth is 35dB, and the noise reduction effect is stable below 15dB in the range of 40Hz~800Hz. 

The feed-forward microphone + feed-back microphone effectively reduces the external noise. Single MIC+cVc noise reduction enhances consumers' experience in noisy environments and makes calls clearer.

12mm Bio-diaphragm

Air3 Pro adopts a 12mm biological diaphragm, and large dynamic speakers provide stereo sound. These wireless earbuds truly restore every detail. You can feel surging bass and an open sound field with delicate sound quality.

Super Long battery life

Air3 Pro has a super long battery life with Type-C charging, the earbuds can be used for 6 hours. The charging box can charge the earbuds 3 times, and the total working time up to is 24 hours. 

Either earbud can be the primary one. Simply place back one earbud to enjoy mono mode with the other only.

Game mode 60ms Latency

game mode

Air3 Pro can enter the game mode by triple-clicking the left ear. In this mode, the earbuds' latency is as low as 60ms, and the entire link latency is as low as 80ms.

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