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 Portable, Compact, Light, Convinient,High-performance, Great value for money, Premium sound quality... 


These are increasing wants from people who are looking for True Wireless Earbuds. If you are one of them, this SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro is indeed a winning formula for you.

Don’t buy it? Come and see the feedback given by the True Wireless Earbuds community!        

SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro shows cutting-edge performance at noise cancellation in both depth and width. They can effectively suppress surrounding noises to a considerable extent and never compromise the sound quality while the depth can be up to 35dB. Just one touch, you can concentrate on your music no matter where you are.”

“Making calls using the SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro is as good as you’d expect with earbuds. Thanks to Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0, the wireless earbuds filter out a lot of background and unwanted noise when making a phone call, making it easier for you to be heard properly, even in busy places.” 

    ---- Mark Sparrow   Senior Technology Journalist from Forbes


“They are bringing strong active noise cancellation performs very well against steady low-frequency noises like engines, air conditioning units, things of that nature. The noise cancellation is super impressive for something at this low price point.”         

                                                                         ---- EF JEFE REVIEW


SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro is effective at doing a few of the key things right, which are how they sound, and for the most part, how they fit. With good ANC performance, aptX Adaptive support, and decent battery life, they do earn their value proposition.”

             ---- Ted Kritsonis   Senior Audio Reviewer of Androi Central



SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro True Wireless Earbuds is probably one of the most exciting pairs of earbuds to have been released in a while. It produces an amazing sound that has a forward midrange, a detailed treble, and a bass that sounds separated from the rest of the audio. The result is a superbly wide soundstage that picks out every instrument and brings the music to life.”  

           ---- Mark Sparrow    Senior Technology Journalist of Forbes


“SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro sounds surprisingly good, with clear, nice-detailed sound and punchy bass. They sound as good or better than buds I've used in the $100-$150 price range.”                     

                                    ---- David Carnoy    Executive Editor of CNET

“It has a balanced character with bolstered bass and treble. I do enjoy the sound of the SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro. It gives ample focus to the bass lines as well as the hi-hat and guitar.”  

                                                                             ---- Keneth Tanaka 


Super loud, very crystal clear that the clarity is what's going to blow you away but when I throw them blue laces just now the base delivers. I'm willing to say that these are going to be the champ of the budget earbuds, definitely without a doubt.” 

                                                                                                  ---- FLossy Carter


SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro does a pretty decent job with the transparency mode. I felt like it sounded a little bit natural. It doesn't have that hissing sound where the mic seemed to be a little too sensitive. But I did notice if I'm listening to music, the transparancy mode is not bringing in as much of my surroundings so it works better once you pause whatever you're listening to.

                                                                                   ---- Gamesky 


Of  course, in addition to the excellent Active Noise Cancellation and superior sound quality and natural-sounding transparency mode, SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro still stands out in other aspects.

With True Wireless Mirroring technology, SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro delivers rapid, robust, and seamless connectivity for a truly immersive audio experience.If you remove the connected earbud, the secondary earbud is to be connected with zero interruption. 

Hybrid ANC, True Wireless Earbuds, compact, premium sound quality, high performance,... All you need is in SOUNDPEATS Mini Pro!

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