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We’re thrilled to announce our new design Opera that will redefine the sound of wireless earbuds. It’s combined with Hi-Res Audio & LDAC codec, built-in 12mm dynamic drivers and dual-balanced armature drivers, plus a metal nozzle, up to 33 hours total listening time. Opera delivers a Hi-Fi audio experience with all-day comfort.

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Wireless earbuds have been required for CD quality on sound but are limited in wireless bandwidth. It always results in compression and artifacts that lost details in the music you love. We've been committed to developing wireless earphones with audiophile-grade sound to infinitely close to Hi-Fi audio.

In November, we launched Air3 Deluxe HS, it is our first wireless earbuds with near-lossless sound quality and has received a lot of great feedback, especially in the sound quality. Moreover, Air3 Deluxe HS has been picked for the video Best Earbuds: 9 Top Picks of 2022 by CNET. Its audiophile-grade sound quality and the best budget price have been admitted by many users and reviewers. That is the belief our brand delivering since found. Meanwhile, more and more users asking when we can release In-Ear wireless earbuds with High-Res audio sound, plus other key features. That's all about coming up with the Opera. You'll experience audiophile audio wherever you go without expensive equipment and a wired connection.

Combined with Hi-Res audio & LDAC codec, active noise cancellation,12mm dynamic drivers, and dual balanced armature drivers, the Opera delivers an audiophile wireless audio experience with all-day comfort. 

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