SOUNDPEATS Mini HS Wireless Earbuds

Hi-Res Compact Wireless Earbuds for Work and Music

    • Hi-Res Audio & LDAC Codec Tech
    • AI Noise Canceling Algorithm
    • Air-light Wearing & Vibrant Color Options
    • Bluetooth 5.3 Stable Multipoint Connection
    • 60ms Latency Game Mode & App Control 
    • 8Hrs Single Playtime & 36Hrs Full Playtime 
Color: Black
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  • warranty 1-Year Warranty
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    Unprecedented Listening Experience

    Hi-Res certification is the authoritative standard for measuring the high fidelity sound of the Mini HS wireless earbuds, and its frequency response range can be extended to 40kHz for a live level experience. The new generation of high-definition audio codec LDAC has a transmission bit rate up to 990kbps, which is close to HiFi-level lossless sound quality, making listening so stable and detailed.

    Burdenless Wearing and Hearing

    The ergonomically designed ultra-lightweight (4g per earbud) shape perfectly fits the ears and eases discomfort for long wearinig. With AI noise canceling algorithm, Mini HS can remove noise signals and adaptively adjust noise reduction parameters. Therefore, you can enjoy smooth and clear communication in different scenarios and environmental conditions.

    Stable Seamless Connection for Multiple Use

    Equiped with Bluetooth 5.3 technology, Mini HS offers a stable, fast and seamless connection. The multipoint connection feature supports you to switch in different situations, such as working, studing, commuting, playing games, etc. You can easily take a call on your phone while continnuing to work on your computer. Immerse yourself with high-quality audio and anti-interference transimission anytime and anywhere.

    Mini Size yet Big Shine

    Continuing the original compact design of the Mini earbuds, Mini HS has added three fresh colors (black, beige and purple) that makes your daily life vivid and colorful. The exquisite and compact body with the frosted texture makes it easy for you to take outside. Whether it's a long trip or a aimless walk, you can enjoy the fun of the little buds.

    Let Accopany A Little Longer

    Mini HS earbuds can offer up to 8 hours playtime, and the battery life with the charging case can reach up to 36 hours. Type-C quick charging ensures that you're always ready to make listening fill your day without getting bored. Want to exporing more possibilities? Download our App to obtain customized EQ for music!


    • Core Specs
      Bluetooth: Bluetooth5.3

      Profiles: A2DP 1.3 / AVRCP 1.6 / HFP 1.7 / SPP 1.2 / GATT

      Chipset: WQ7033MX

      Supported Bluetooth Codec: SBC, LDAC

    • What's in the Box
      1. Earbuds

      2. Charging Case
      3. Charging Cable
      4. User Manual
      5. App Guide

    • Battery
      Charging Case:400mAh

      Earbuds Charging Time: 1.5 hours

      Charging Case Charging Time: 2 hours

      Charging Port: Type-C

      Playtime Time: 36 hours

    • Package

      Single Earbud:4.5g
      Earbuds+Charging Case:34.2g

      Control Type: Touch

      Waterproof Rating: IPX4


    • Customer Service
    • Touch Control
    • Charging
    • Video
    What should I do if the problem about the earbuds is not mentioned in this FAQ? If there is no solution for your problem in this FAQ, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team and we will provide you a solution as soon as possible. If we confirmed that the problem couldn't be solved, we will apply the replacement or refund for you. SoundPEATS provides an 12-month warranty for every product. Your satisfaction is always greatly important to us.
    What can I do if the touch controls do not work always? 1. Please touch the middle of the control zone. And when your hand is wet, the touch control may not work, please keep your hand dry. 2. Please try to skip the songs more times, you will find the best frequency to control the earbuds. When you don't find the frequency you may think the earbuds don't work, please give it some patient. 3. Please touch the control area with different forces/angles/time to see if it works. 4. Another way for you to have a try: discharge the earbuds, then charge and reset.
    What does the indicator on the charging case tell?
    It shows the battery power left in the charging case. 

    50%-100% Green 
    10%-49% Yellow
    10% or less Red 

    While charging the case, the indicator flashed slowly. 
    0%-19% Red 
    20%-69% Yellow 
    70%-100% Green 

    What should I do if the charging case won’t charge?
    Please try to use another known working charging cable to charge the charging case for more than 10 hours through your computer. Compared to other electronics, the headphones are low power products. Hence for charging safety, please do not use fast charger.
    What can I do if any earbud stopped charging?
    Please confirm if your symptom is resolved after charging your device for more than 5 minutes.
    If the LED indicator on the earbud stays off, please use some microfiber cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the charging connectors and try to adjust the earbuds to ensure the led light is on, then make sure to try and fully charge the earbud. This may take several hours. 
    Warm tip: Please be careful not to press the earphone too hard in the charging case, so as not to damage the copper pillars in the charging case.


    Why are the earbuds still connected to my phone after placing back into the case?
    1.The charging case has no remaining power. Placing the earbuds back into the charging case can’t turn them off if the case battery is dead. 2.Please make sure the earbuds are correctly placed in the charging case, and make sure the charging contacts are clean. Please try to clean the places between the charging case and the earbuds with something like a microfiber cloth.



    User Guide

    SOUNDPEATS Mini HS User Manual








    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    F.D. (CH)
    Very happy with the purchase!

    I ordered 2 x Mini HS (one in black and one in blue) and 1 x engine 4.

    The Mini HS are perfect! They are light, have phenomenal sound quality with a price that is imo a steal (i wont use my apple airpods pro anymore since after 1 year they started to not work as good anymore and for that price they just aren’t worth it).
    With the Mini HS i wont even mind if they would only hold 1 year sinxe for that price it’s honestly worth it.

    The engine 4 on the other hand is good but the bass is a bit lacking, dont get me wrong they are still good but the mini HS are better.

    Id still recommend both since with the app you can personalize the sound a good bit.

    Also about the costumer support its great.

    My first order was sadly sold out and i got a massage about it in the first few hours after ordering and after that i requested to cancel that order and low and behold in 10 mins it got canceled.

    I also had some „complications“ with the shipping since it took about 19 days (it got hold up at the airport customs for over 10 days). After asking the costumer support about it they gladly answered my questions and offered me additional help if it would take even longer.

    In the end i payed around 130 Swiss franc’s for 3 pairs and i would gladly buy them again!

    C.R. (AU)
    Very good quality for the price

    Just got these today. Got the purple (very light purple). Nice to have a different colour option than just white, black and grey that most earbud manufacturers limit you to.
    Very impressed with the sound quality, the clarity. I also like how light these are. Great value for money as long as you don't need noise-cancellation. Noise cancellation does reduce the sound quality giving sound a more artificial/digital effect. Highly recommend.

    H.K. (CA)

    It is pretty good for the price , both sound and fitting. Actually it was my second purchase.

    Unleash Your Musical Freedom

    If you're searching for a reliable and affordable pair of wireless earbuds that deliver exceptional sound quality and comfort, look no further than the SoundPEATS Mini HS Wireless Earbuds. Their compact design, impressive battery life, and seamless connectivity make them a standout in the market. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to musical freedom. Get ready to elevate your listening experience to new heights with the SoundPEATS Mini HS Wireless Earbuds. Trust me, your ears will thank you!

    Amazing good

    This company is punching way above its weight class in the sound department. These aren't going to blow your ears up, but the sound is warm, uncannily clear, and precise, as well as and fairly loud considering how tiny these buds are.