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Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

    • 1.4'' Touch Screen
    • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Quality Tracker
    • Call & Message Reminder
    • IP68 Waterproof

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    Earthproof Smart Watch

    The watch is rated to IP68, makes it deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and is perfect for a swim, shower, or spa day. Go the distance with up to 10 days battery life.

    Wrist-Based Heart Rate Measure

    The watch constantly samples your heart rate and keeps you update with your training status. It also helps gauge how hard you work during activities — even while swimming.

    Sleep Score and Advanced Sleep Monitoring

    Get a score for your sleep quality and insights on how you can do better in SOUNDPEATS APP, easily monitoring your body status.

    Understand What's Going on Inside Your Body

    With this smart tracker, you can even keep track of the different sleep stages like deep sleep, light sleep, and awake duration.


    • Core Specs
      Waterproof Level: IP68
      Bluetooth: 5.0
      Display: 1.4 inches
      Display Resolution: 320*320
      Adjustable wristband: 6.1 to 9.3 inches (perimeter)

    • Package
      Product Dimensions: 41.1*35.4*11.7mm
      Item Weight: 54g
      Shipping Weight: 116g



    • Battery
      Battery Capacity: 260mAH
      Charging Time: 2 hours
      Battery Life: 10 days
      Standby Time: 30 days

    • What's in the Box
      SOUNDPEATS Watch 1 Sports Watch
      USB-A Charging Cable (Magnetic Charging)
      User Manual


    • Charge
    • Play
    • Operation
    What can I do if the watch stops charging?
    Please use a bit of light sandpaper or microfiber cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the charging connectors to see whether it helps.
    Why can not receive a verification code?
    1. Please check whether there is a blank in or behind your email address. If there is a blank, please delete it;
    2. Please manually type your e-mail address into the log-in area instead of auto fill, and also please pay attention to the format of English letters;
    3. Check your mails and spam to get the verification code.
    Why there is a QR code on the screen, but you can not connect the watch to your App?
    1. Register an account on SoundPEATS Sports App;
    2. Go to the device page, and select (Add Device);
    3. Use the Scan Icon to scan the QR code to connect watch to your app;
    4. Confirm connection on your watch.
    Why there is no track on the app?
    1. Check whether the device's GPS is open at the period;
    2. Check whether you keep wearing the watch at the period;
    3. Check the authority of SoundPEATS Sports App.
    You need to allow this App to read your location when use.
    Why there is no SMS notification?
    1.Check on the App's Device page first to see whether you have opened the SMS notification.
    2.Check the authority of SoundPEATS Sports App. You need to allow this App to read your SMS.
    How can I change the language of the Watch?
    Go to the Device Page of our App; Deivce-Universal settings-Device Language
    How can I change the Kilometer to British meter?
    Go to the Device Page of our App; Device-Universal settings-Unit
    How can I change to Military time?
    Go to the Device Page of our App; Device-Universal settings-Time system
    How can I change Celsius to Fahrenheit?
    Go to the "Home" page of our App, you will see whether shown on the left top of the page. Click the weather information, there is Celsius and Fahrenheit Icons on the right top of the page. Please click it to change to the unit you want.
    How can I change the Watch face?
    1.Swipe up from the bottom edge of the dial home page: open the control panel;
    2.Select" setting"- change "Watch face".
    Why there are only 3 lights which are flashing green?
    There are only 3 LED lights on the back of the watch, aonther one is a sensor.
    Why there are no sleeping records on the Watch?
    1. Please confirm you wear the watch while sleeping, otherwise the device will not record any sleeping data
    2. The device will start to record data (including deep, light and awake sleeps) 30 minutes after lying on bed and end once you sit up, so any sit-up may affect the recording
    3. The time to fall asleep needs to be over 3 hours. If the total fall asleep time does not reach 3 hours, no recording will be made. Due to the vague concept of time, sleeping time is more than 4 hours more accurate
    4. Falling asleep time is after 6 am, sleep data may not be recorded.
    5. The state of sleep is very poor, turning over many times at night, being awake, etc., insomnia, may not be able to record sleep
    Can I share the date to another App?
    Our Watch1 supports sharing data to Apple Health and WeChat sports only.
    How the Watch controls music?
    1.Swipe up from the bottom edge of the dial home page: open the control panel;
    2.Select" Music Setting"- control music. It supports next track, previous track starting and music pause/on.
    What is the width of the watch band?
    The width of the watch band is 20 mm.
    How many sports mode this watch support?
    Support 12 sports modes (outdoor running, walking, riding, mountaineering, spinning, yoga, indoor running, free training, gymnastics, basketball, football, rowing)
    How about the waterproof of this watch?
    1. This watch supports IP68 waterproof, but it is not suitable for corrosive liquids such as hot water and tea, sea water and diving more than 3 meters.
    2. Please do not wear the watch in a sauna or steam room.
    3. Please do not charge the watch immediately after your swim. You can wait for it get dry a while and dry the charge connector.


    User GuideSOUNDPEATS Watch1 User Manual08/12/20211.94MB


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 504 reviews
    R. (US)
    Great support

    I had an issue with my Watch 1 where the battery would not charge after 6 months. After contacting support, then trying their suggestions to try to diagnose/fix the problem, they quickly sent me a replacement. The new watch works even better!

    Y.A. (SA)

    ممتازة جدا

    Anonymous (US)

    I don't like it sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work

    O.O. (US)
    Sleep time

    The sleep time on my watch1 seems to start about midnight, I go to bed at 9, FAQ says sleep time stops when you sit up, does that mean if you go to the restroom it stops count?

    Very happy with my purchase no regrets works flawlessly

    I received the watch on Thursday so I had time to test it and compare them with others that I have with a high price and a well-known brand and another one in the middle range on the weekend.I looked like crazy on the street with two watches one in each hand.The measurements were almost identical in all three with one of them I could not compare the quality of sleep.With the Soundpeats it was very precise and I also tested them walking for an hour the differences were a few steps and calories all three very similar.I also discovered that several brands have similar bands and are interchangeable is an advantage although the one that this one uses is very comfortable.The screen is very bright in daylight and easy to change the functions although I would recommend that the manual be more explanatory although it is fun to experiment with the functions and although the software is complete it can be improved with a quick update.Forgot easy to charge .The heart function is very fast and sensitive I am really very happy with the watch and I am still testing and comparing it if I have anything new I will make an update. Tip it is really worth to buy it and not only for the price but for how it works.

    Good for Sports

    I have had this product for 3 weeks and this is what I think about this Smart Watch.I really love the battery life of this watch it lasts more than 1 week! My wife has a much more expensive Apple Watch 3 and it only stands for 2 days. I actually feel sorry for her. Lol. I love running and the watch accurately tracks my steps and mileage/kilometers that I m taking.However I have difficulties to connect it to my Pixel phone (especially texting calling listening to music). Maybe I haven t figured it out but it s not my main interest in having this watch to be honest. My purpose of having this watch is to measure how far I jog and the approximate calories I burn from my activities. I was also looking for a reliable sport watch that can last for many many days; and I get it from this SoundPeats Smart Watch. I purchased Soundpeats wireless earbuds and I am so satisfied. That s why I don t doubt the quality of SoundPeats products so far. I hope Soundpeats maintains its quality!

    EXCELLENT Fitness tracker I strongly recommend it

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Before I bought this watch I researched for months many different running watches before I made my decision. I kept coming back to this watch for the price and the quality of their other products by this brand. I m a big fan of the sleep tracker stopwatch and weather functionalities that are convenient to pull up and reference at a flick of a wrist.The charge is great lasted all week and still at 30%. I tested the waterproof functionality and it holds up great so I don t have to take it off while washing my face or taking a shower.This was the most affordable option and the reviews were pretty good so I gave it a go. I ve had this tracker for a week now and I absolutely LOVE it. The heart rate tracking is great it s super waterproof the band does not smell after hours of sweat and the smart notifications are amazing. The notifications are bare bones which I actually prefer. I can get a quick glance at incoming notifications and decide if it s worth pulling my phone out. I m trying to spend less time on my phone and I love that it enables me to dismiss notifications that are non urgent so I don t get sucked into using my phone throughout the day.In all perfect for my use with the added benefit of being more flashy and with minimalistic features. This a good balance of capability and cost for being able to track a few metrics use a timer or stopwatch and tell the time.

    Great fitness watch!!

    It s a great fitness watch i love the design and how comfortable it is. I have very small wrist and I thought it would look too bulky and big but it fit perfectly. I love how clean it looks. I can now track my steps to make sure I m active enough since I am at home a lot more. Also you can change between watch faces set timers alarms tells you the weather and if you can t find your phone you can actually use the find phone option and the phone will ring until you find it. But what I really love was that I get the notifications from my phone on my watch. Which for me it is amazing since I literally never have my phone on me so I m always missing calls and text messages all the time but now with the watch it will alert me when I have a call or message it even tells me the alerts from my bills app! 👍🏼 The app is pretty simple to use. Battery life is great! Overall great product for the price definitely recommend.

    Review on Soundpeats Watch 1

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  About the Watch- This watch is very awesome as if this is 1st generation and at this price point you are getting weather clock stopwatch timer sleep tracker different sport modes notification music play/pause control heart rate tracker and selected watch phases.-Somethings in my opinion should be added is to give a option to turn of vibrate when a notification comes.About the heart rate tracker it is giving me accurate reading.About the App- The app is also first generation. This app is use to see all the activities you did in detailed. You can control most of the option from the application. For example allowing notification and set goals to do activities.I suggest them to add a feature where we can change location. Because it is detecting wrong location. Even though my phone location is on.

    Super watch that is dirt cheap!

    It is inevitable that most smart watches (this one included) will be compared to that brand-name watch and that is simply not fair. What this watch does it does it well. While not mind-blowingly so it does it at a fraction of the cost. It s design is simple and unobtrusive yet stylish. You can wear this with practically anything and it won t look off. It is light and comfortable to wear and I easily sleep with it on something I find hard to do with other watches. I don t use it much as a sports watch but I definitely use it to track my daily walks heart rate monitoring and other health statistics and it is fairly accurate when compared to other more expensive smart watches. It s so fulfilling when you get the that notification letting you know that you ve reached your target for the day! I also find it invaluable for call alerts as well as checking push notifications everything from weather messages gmail and other apps you opt for. Finding your misplaced phone is also a cinch with the find phone button which triggers your phone to ring. Best of all is when I accidentally splashed it with water under a running tap and discovered that it was waterproof (yes I know I somehow missed that feature when I read the description at purchase). To say that this watch is packed with features would be an understatement and all this managed by a very intuitive app. I love it especially when you consider you re getting all this for that shockingly low price! I would heartily recommend this to anyone.