SOUNDPEATS Q True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

Pure Sound You Never Heard.
    • Unrivalled Sound & Crystal Calls
    • Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging
    • Bluetooth®® 5.0 & Single/Twin Mode
    • Touch Control & One-Step Reconnection
Color: Black
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    An exceptional listening experience that’s tailored just for you. The SOUNDPEATS Q takes audio quality to the next level. Made to fit every ear, they offer a personalized experience that adjusts to every situation.


    Thanks to the CVC noise cancellation technology, these buds deliver music with a wider soundstage and exceptional crystal-clear sound. Built-in dual mics enhance the calling clarity.


    Featuring the last Bluetooth 5.0 and MS Sync technology, SOUNDPEATS Q provides a seamless and stable connection without any interruptions in use.


    The tiny wireless charging case is designed to be super compact and easy to carry in any pocket. You can also simply leave it on your QI wireless charging pad, grab it anytime with a full charge.


    • Core Specs
      Bluetooth® Chip: AB1532

      Waterproof Level: IPX5

      Bluetooth® Version: 5.0

      Working Range: 33 feet(10m)

      Technology: BT5.0, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

    • Package
      Earbuds Dimensions: 0.77 x 0.96 x 1.38 inches

      Item Weight: 0.1 ounces

      Item Weight:1.72 ounces

      Shipping Weight: 4.19 ounces

    • Battery
      Battery Capacity: 400mAH (Case)

      Battery Capacity: 70*2mAH c

      Charging Time: 1.5 hours

      Standby Time: 150 hours

      Playtime Time: 7 hours(Earbuds)

    • What is in the Box
      1 x SOUNDPEATS Q Wireless Earbuds

      1 x Charging Cable (USB Type-C)

      1 x Charging Case

      6 x Interchangeable Ear Tips

      1 x User Manual


    • Charge
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    • Operation
    • Video
    How long it will take to charge the case fully?
    It will take about 1.5 hours to charge the case fully.
    How long it will take to charge the earbuds fully?
    It will take about 1.5 hours to charge the earbuds fully.
    How many hours Q will work after charged?
    Q can play the music about 6 hours at 60% volume after fully charged.
    How to charge the case or the earbuds?
    The charging indicators will turn to red when the battery of the case is low, please charge the case then. Method 1: 1.Use a Type-C adapter to charge the case(current not over 1A). 2.Please charge the earbuds and case at least once per 3 months when not in use for a long time Method 2: 1.Place the charging case directly above the wireless charger 2.Please charge the earbuds and case at least once per 3 months when not in use for a long time
    What can we do if the earbuds stopped charging?
    Please kindly check if the plastic stickers covering the charging contacts have been removed. Then please use a bit of light sandpaper or microfiber cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the charging connectors and try to adjust the earbuds when they are in the charging case.
    How many mics on each earbud for Q?
    There are two mics on each earbud of Q which supports CVC noise cancellation.
    How the lights flash when you use Q?
    1. Pairing mode: One earbud flashes white and red, the other is white on. (When you open the cover of the charging case, the Q will enter into the pairing mode.) 2. Connected to device/Standby: The white lights are on the two earbuds. 3. Play the music: No light
    How to reset Q?
    1.Clear the pairing record between the earbuds and all of your devices. 2.Place back both earbuds into the charging case and open up the case lid, then press and hold the charging case button for 10s.
    Could the Q connect to several devices at the same time?
    Q does not support to connect to several devices at the same time.
    What can we do if the earbuds won't turn on?
    1.Please check if they need to be charged. 2.Press and hold the MFB for 1.5s to power them on manually when they are not in the charging case. 3.Try to reset the earbuds.
    What can we do if the earbuds stopped pairing with each other?
    1. Please check if the earbuds need to be charged first. 2. Try to reset the earbuds
    What can we do if the earbuds stopped connecting to your device?
    1. Please check if the earbuds can connect to other devices. 2. Try to reset the earbuds.
    What can we do if the following issues happen? 1. One earbud has no sound, or both earbuds lost the sound. 2. The volume of one earbud is lower than the other.
    1. Please change other songs or videos to have a try. 2. Change other devices to see if the problem still happens. 3. Please try to remove the silicone ear piece and gently clean off the screen with a little alcohol. 4. Please try to reset the earbuds.
    Why my earbuds lose connection sometimes?
    1) Please charge the Q. (Low battery may cause the disconnection.) 2) If you use WIFI, please try 4G/5G to see if it gets better. 3) Could you please kindly make sure if there is any obstacle or interference around you while using the headphones? Like Wireless remote control equipment, radar and so on, the Microwave oven will also affect the Bluetooth signal. Please also make sure the distance between earbuds and device is in 10m when there is no obstacles. 4) Please clear the pairing record and restart your phone to have a try. 5) Please try to factory reset.
    What can we do if the other side could not hear you when calling?
    1. Please choose to pick up phone calls via the earbuds. 2. Please do not mute the phone calls. 3. Please kindly adjust the volume through the headphones and devices to see if it works better. 4. If you are using the earbuds with an Android phone, please check the settings to see if you have allowed both phone audio and media audio to be transmitted through the earbuds. 5.Please change other devices to see if it gets better.
    How to power on?
    1. Power on automatically: When they are in the charging case, please just open the charing case, the whilte light will turn on 1 s. 2. Power on manully: When they are not in the charging case, please press the MFB for 1.5s.
    How to adjust the volume on the Q?
    Volume + :single tap the right MFB Volume - :single tap the left MFB
    What can we do if the Q does not fit for you?
    There are several different sizes of ear tips in the package. Please have a try all of them.
    What is the waterproof of Q?
    Q has IPX5 waterproof. They are not designed for swimming, showering, or exposure to pool or ocean water. Do not wear the earbuds in a sauna or steam room.


    User GuideSOUNDPEATS Q User Manual08/09/20212.27MB


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    SOUNDPEATS Q True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds






    very good sound and noise cancelling. nice base sound.




    Quick shipping. The earbuds are great for the price, the bass really surprised me and I've had fun listening to different tracks. Great highs as well, speech is quite clear for those who like to listen to podcast. The kids are decent but not great. They fit well, light and comfy, don't feel awkward in ear at all! Definitely a great pair of budget buds


    Suenan genial, la conectividad es muy top y de mucho alcance, el micrófono se escucha muy claro, y la batería dura una barbaridad. Encantado con la compra, recomendable 100%


    Good quality earphones, serious seller and fast delivery. To see in time


    A Chile se demoro 11 días