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  "Great Value"  "Highly Recommmend" "Awesome"…

    There are rave reviews on SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro since these true wireless earbuds was launched in June 2022. But why and how did the SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro get such good reviews? Let's see what the industry professionals have to say about SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro Wireless Earbuds.


Advanced Edition ANC --- For Your Peace

Active Noise Cancelling & Natural Healing Sound

"SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro has impressed me. These affordable true wireless earbuds have it all, including ANC, supports for the best audio codecs, and good battery life and they look great and are small enough to slip into a pocket. There’s very little to dislike about them. They are a bit bass-heavy, so if you enjoy music with a lot of bottom-end, then the SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro could be the earbuds for you."           


              ---- Mark Sparrow senior technology journalist from Forbes  

“What you’ll get is excellent response across all frequencies. High, low, and mid-range tones all come through clearly. You’ll get good quality sound whether you’re listening to music, gaming, or watching a movie.”

                                                                                    ---- Nerd Techy 

"SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro did a phenomenal job in cutting out the background noise and they also did an excepetional job when it came to transparency mode."                                 

                                                                                 --- Brannon No d 



“(SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro) Its noise canceling is pretty effective. It cancels out quite a bit of that low-frequency noise, And using it in a real-world situation, it can cut background noise quite well. The price wasn’t expecting its noise canceling to be this good, very decent overall. "                                         

                                                           ---  Aaron is Loud and Wireless


    As those experts pointed out, the key to the SOUNDPEATS Air 3 Pro's success is, the improved version of Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC), which effectively blocks ambient noise up to 35dB and creates a perfect cocoon for your listening experience. So, whether you are now being physically bothered by the surrounding noise or psychologically your inner noise, SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro can help you out. 

Larger Driver --- For Better Listening Experience

   Besides the Active Noise Cancelation(ANC), SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro is also equipped with customized 12mm dynamic drivers with a biological composite diaphragm delivering a big, beefy sound that bass-lovers enjoy.  


“They are using a 12mm diver which is a fairly large diver, especially in a pair of earbuds that uses silicone ear tips...that’s making these a very loud pair of earbuds that have a lot of bass effect. ”     

                                                                                         --- Gamesky


"Sound quality is really good, and with support for aptX Adaptive, plus a Low Latency Game mode, you have good flexibility with the content you want to listen to."

                                             --- Ted Kritsonis  from Android Center 

In addition to the excellent Hybrid Noise Cancelling and the large 12mm dynamic driver mentioned above, this wireless earbuds is powered by the latest QCC3046 chipset and Bluetooth 5.2 technology. That's why these noise cancelling earbuds ensure stable connection, fast transmission and super-low power consumption.

    AptX-Adaptive decoding technology can support 24bit 420khz high-definition sound quality for music, and automatically switch to low-latency mode when playing games or watching videos to provide you smoother experience.

    Only 0.16oz for single earbud and ergonomic shape ensure you fatigue-free listening experience for long time using. 6 hours of listening time for a single charge and another 3 recharges from the charging case extend the listening time up to 24 hours. High-efficiency chipset and large-capacity batteries are integrated in this sleek and simple body to bring you solid support to enjoy music all day.

   In Game Mode, the latency can be significantly minimized to 60ms . It will put audio in perfect sync with media, so you can enjoy a virtually lag-free gaming world. Last but not least, owe to the TrueWireless Mirroring technology, either earbud can be used as main earbud for music or calls, and you can also switch freely between single and twin mode! 

    What you see is what you get. Try the SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro, regain your peace, and feel the immersive music experience. 

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