Engine4 Wireless Earbuds

Powerful High-Fidelity Wireless Earbuds

    • Hi-Res Audio Wireless & LDAC Codec
    • 6mm & 10mm Dual Dynamic Drivers for Stereo Sound
    • 12.5H Single Playtime & 43H Full Playtime
    • 70ms Low Latency Game Mode & App Control
    • BT5.3 & Seamless Multipoint Connection
Color: Black
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  • warranty 1-Year Warranty
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    Immerse Yourself in Sound

    Get ready to be captivated by the rich, immersive audio quality of Engine4. Equipped with Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified and LDAC Codec technology, these earbuds deliver crystal-clear highs, deep, resonant bass, and a wide soundstage (20hz~40khz) that brings your favorite tracks to life. Whether you're grooving to the beats of your favorite song or enjoying a podcast, Engine4 ensures every note is heard with exceptional clarity. Note: LDAC mode is only compatible with Android devices. We recommend choosing the balanced audio and connection quality in LDAC playback quality. Enjoy enhanced audio quality (Playback may be affected in WLAN-congested areas.)

    Long-Lasting Battery Life

    Don't let a low battery hinder your music enjoyment. Engine4 is equipped with a powerful battery that provides up to 12.5 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. Plus, the sleek and portable charging case allows you to recharge your earbuds on the go, providing a total of 43 hours of playtime. Whether you're commuting, traveling, or going for a run, these earbuds are sweatproof and IPX4 ensures they can keep up with your active lifestyle.

    Unleash the Powerful Bass

    Experience audio like never before with Engine4. The ultimate wireless earbuds are equipped with coaxial dual drivers and exclusive dual crossover technology. Engine4 features a powerful combination of a 6mm driver and a 10mm driver, to deliver unparalleled sound quality and immersive listening experience.

    Seamless Wireless Multipoint Connectivity

    Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace the freedom of wireless connectivity. Engine4 earbuds use the latest Bluetooth5.3 technology to seamlessly pair with different two devices, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted connection. With multipoint pairing, you can use your computer to listen to audio, but if a call comes in your phone now, Engine4 will automatically switch over to your phone so you can take the call. Note: Multipoint Pairing needs to be turned on on the APP. Multipoint pairing and LDAC mode only support one of them at the same time.

    Your Personal Assistant

    Engine4 isn't just your ordinary earbuds; they also come with a built-in smart assistant. With just a simple tap, you are allowed to effortlessly control your music, adjust volume, answer calls, and switch modes. Moreover, you're allowed to personalize EQ settings and firmware upgrades on our APP. Note: Download SOUNDPEATS on Play Store or App Store


    • Core Specs
      Bluetooth: Bluetooth5.3

      Profiles: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/SPP/GATT

      Chipset: WQ7033MX

      Supported Bluetooth Codec: SBC, LDAC

    • What's in the Box
      SOUNDPEATS Engine4 Wireless Earbuds
      Type-C Charging Cable
      Charging Case
      User Manual
      Eartips*3 : S M L

      APP Guide Card

    • Battery
      Battery Capacity: 350mAh(Case)

      Battery Capacity: :50mAh*2(Earbuds)

      Earbuds Charging Time: 2 hours

      Charging Case Charging Time: 2 hours

      Charging Port: Type-C

      Total Playtime: 43 hours

    • Package

      Single Earbud Weight: 6.5g

      Charging Case with Earbuds: 43.0g

      Control Type: Touch

      Waterproof Rating: IPX4


    • Customer Service
    • Touch Control
    • Charging
    • Video
    What should I do if the problem about the earbuds is not mentioned in this FAQ? If there is no solution for your problem in this FAQ, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team and we will provide you a solution as soon as possible. If we confirmed that the problem couldn't be solved, we will apply the replacement or refund for you. SoundPEATS provides an 12-month warranty for every product. Your satisfaction is always greatly important to us.
    What can I do if the touch controls do not work always? 1.Please touch the middle of the control zone. And when your hand is wet, the touch control may not work, please keep your hand dry. 2.Please try to skip the songs more times, you will find the best frequency to control the earbuds. When you don't find the frequency you may think the earbuds don't work, please give it some patient. 3.Another way for you to have a try: discharge the earbuds, then charge and reset.
    What does the indicator on the charging case tell?
    It shows the battery power left in the charging case. 

    50%-100% Green 
    10%-49% Yellow
    10% or less Red 

    While charging the case, the indicator flashed slowly. 
    0%-19% Red 
    20%-69% Yellow 
    70%-100% Green 

    What should I do if the charging case won’t charge?
    Please try to use another known working charging cable to charge the charging case for more than 10 hours through your computer. Compared to other electronics, the headphones are low power products. Hence for charging safety, please do not use fast charger.
    What can I do if any earbud stopped charging?
    Please put the earbuds into the case and you will see the red light on the earbuds when charging 
    Warm tip: Please be careful not to press the earphone too hard in the charging case, so as not to damage the copper pillars in the charging case.


    Why are the earbuds still connected to my phone after placing back into the case?
    1.The charging case has no remaining power. Placing the earbuds back into the charging case can’t turn them off if the case battery is dead.  
    2.Please make sure the earbuds are correctly placed in the charging case, and make sure the charging contacts are clean. Please try to clean the places between the charging case and the earbuds with something like a microfiber cloth.


    Does the earbuds not use for a long time without charging cause the earbuds not to turn on or the battery to drain quickly?
    The battery of the earbuds needs maintenance and should be charged at least every three months, if not, the earbuds can cause deep self-discharge by not charging for a long time.  
    In addition, not using the earbuds for a long time, and earbuds storage location is not dry, moisture will also cause damage to the earbuds.  
    If you haven't used your headphones for five months, the battery is probably dead. At this point, we suggest that you first check whether the charging case has power (whether the indicator light is on) and whether the charging contact at the bottom of the earbuds and charging case is dirty.  
    If there is dirt, please clean the charging contact at the bottom of the charging case with a dry cloth or towel. As for earbuds not turning on or the battery drain rapidly when earbuds are taken out of the case, Our recommendation is to place the earbuds into the charging case for 2 hours and close the cover repeatedly and try this way for 1-2 days.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    w.v. (CL)
    Excelente producto

    Hola buenos días el día de ayer recibí el paquete y la verdad estoy muy contento con el producto tiene excelente calidad tanto de materiales como de sonido la calidad superó por mucho mis expectativas gracias y de mi parte seguiré confiando en sus productos

    K.G. (US)
    Number one in sound, hands down.

    Having the Sennheiser Momentum 2's, I couldn't believe that an earbud could sound any better. And boy was I wrong. Tack on the fact that these earbuds have multipoint pairing as well, I was amazed. The adaptive eq works perfect for me. I would compare it to the Spatial Audio on my Airpod Pro 2's. These sound so good with any genre of music that I throw at them I'm afraid that I will never have to buy another pair of earbuds again unless it's these. I know every earbud has it's place but these have caused me not to care about listening to any of my other nine pair of earbuds because these sound so good. I know that they are missing noise cancellation and transparency modes along with no wireless charging, honestly if they did, there would be no reason to buy any other pair of earbuds ever again. They are that good!

    Better than much more expensive earbuds

    The sound quality is good with the double drivers.

    Good earbuds at a reasonable price

    These buds are very attractive and comfortable, and the sound quality matches the price.

    Sound amazing

    For what they are, I think the sound is absolutely the best sound from an earbud that I have ever heard. They work very well and connect to my phone with no issues at all. Appear to be well-made. Battery life is great! My only issue with them is that they don't stay securely in my ears. I have this problem with most earbuds like this and usually get ones that hook over my ear. However, with these, I am wearing them and just paying attention to how they feel so I can re-seat them.


    Overall for the price, sound quality is adequate!

    SoundPEATS does it again.

    I own a number of SoundPEATS units and they all punch way above their price point. These are no exception. Quality sound with a slight bass and treble boost. Easy to connect to a phone and computer. Watching videos there is no noticeable delay between what's happening on screen and what's piping through the buds. Another 5 star SoundPEATS product.

    Overall it has a really premium feel

    The case is really glossy and attracts a lot of finger prints but I just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth so it is no big deal. Overall it has a really premium feel though the earbuds themselves do seem a bit bulky. They sound really good to my not audiophile ears although I would say they are a bit bass heavy but I like them. Battery life is really good and I would definitely recommend these.

    A New level of High definition sound

    This review is for "SoundPEATS Engine4 Wireless Earbuds, Hi-Res Audio Earbuds with LDAC, Dual Dynamic Drivers for Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5.3 Earphones with Low Latency, Dual Device Connection, Total 43 Hrs, App Control"

    I have several Soundpeats earbuds and these sounds the best. Please remember, everybody's ears are not the same. I found the bass to be almost too powerful for earbuds and I heard details that I didn't notice before. They fit my ear really tight and they block the noise completely.Walking around with these earbuds made me hear my foot steps vibrations so loud. But for phone conversations, I think I prefer the open Air 3 because I can hear myself better. These are the best for music listening or airplane or whenever you just want to listen and enjoy High quality audio. Finally, I was able to connect 2 devices at the same time and switching between them (Apple TV4K and iPhone 13Promax) without "forget device" in Bluetooth settings.

    They are Okay

    They are sleek looking, comfortable, affordble, and magnetic. However, I have tried severel times to get them to connect to one device and so far only one ear bud will connect at a time to a single device. It is cool because I can connect them to two devices at once but when I want to listen to music from once device, I can only hear out of one ear bud.