Air3 Compact yet Powerful Wireless Earbuds

Compact Yet Mighty


    • Bluetooth® 5.2 & Aptx-Adaptive
    • In-ear Detection & Clear Call
    • 5 Hrs Single Playtime & USB-C Charge
    • TrueWireless Mirroring & Game Mode

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    Small Yet Mighty

    Super lightweight and keeps music snug in your ears for even the most active lifestyles. Air3 has the sound you want to hear. Redesigned reset user interface and touch control make it much easier to control your music.

    Long Battery Life in a Mini Size

    Single bud only weighs 4 grams. Air3 is so compact and mini but a single charge stills gives you up to five hours listening. Super lightweight and keeps music snug in your ears for even the most active lifestyles.

    Low Latency Game Mode

    Thanks to the Qualcomm aptX-Adaptive codec, Air3 can work seamlessly across all applications, including gaming, video and music. Triple tap the MFB on your left bud, your revolutionary low latency game mode will be activated.

    Hear Clearly. Speak Confidently.

    With a total of 4 built-in mics, and half-in-ear ergonomic design, Air3 is designed to deliver and send every word crisply and clearly, whether you're chatting with a friend or leading a high-stakes conference call.


    • Core Specs
      Bluetooth: Bluetooth®5.2

      Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

      Chipset: Qualcomm® QCC3040

      Supported Bluetooth® Codec: SBC, aptX, aptX-Adaptive

      Wireless Range: 33 ft


    • Package

      Single Earbud Weight: 4g

      Charging Case with Earbuds: 33g

      Control Type: Touch

      Waterproof Rating: IPX5



    • Battery
      Battery Capacity: 220 mAH (Case)

      Battery Capacity: 30*2 mAH(Earbuds)

      Earbuds Charging Time: 1.5 hours

      Charging Case Charging Time: 1.5 hours

      Charging Port: USB-C

      Playtime Time: 17.5 hours

    • What's in the Box
      SOUNDPEATS Air3 True Wireless Earbuds
      USB-C Charging Cable
      Charging Case
      User Manual


    • Play
    • Charge
    • Operation
    • Video
    How long it will take to charge the case fully?
    It will take about 1.5 hours to charge the case fully through the charging cable.
    How long it will take to charge the earbuds fully?
    It will take about 1.5 hours to charge the earbuds fully.
    What can we do if the case stopped charging?
    Please try to use another known working Type C charging cable to charge the charging case for more than 10 hours through your computer. And please clean the connection between the case and dock with some sandpapers or alcohol.
    What can we do if the earbuds stopped charging?
    "Please put the earbud one by one into the charge case, you will see the light of case will flash white once separately, then the earbuds will go into charging status. If no light flash, please use a bit of light sandpaper or microfiber cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the charging connectors and try to adjust the earbuds to ensure the light flash once when you put earbuds back into charge case."
    How can we check the battery amount of the case?
    "When you open the lid, take out or put in earbuds, you will see a light on the charging case which will indicates the battery amount of the case. Green:50%-100%; Yellow:10%-49%; Red:10% or less
    What is the Bluetooth of AIR3?
    The Bluetooth version of AIR3 is V5.2 which supports devices whose bluetooth version is above V4.0
    How many mics on each earbud for AIR3?
    There are two mics on each earbud of AIR3 which supports CVC noise cancellation.
    How the lights flash when you use AIR3?
    The AIR3 has no any indicator light on earbud itself.
    Could the AIR3 connect to several devices at the same time?
    AIR3 does not support to connect to several devices at the same time when they are pairing.
    How to reset AIR3?
    1. Clear the pairing record between the earbuds and all of your devices.
    2. Please put both earbuds back into the charging case to check the white light on the charging case flashes twice to make sure the earbuds in charging status.
    3.With the case lid open, press and hold the charging case button for 10 seconds until the white light flashes 3 times, reset complete.
    4.Close the case lid and reopen to activate the earbuds, then reconnect to your device.
    What can we do if the earbuds won't turn on?
    1.Please check if they need to be charged.
    2.Take earbud out of the case and press and hold the MFB for 1.5s to power them on manually. You will need wear earbud to get the tone“ Power on”.
    3.Try to reset the earbuds.
    What can we do if the earbuds stopped pairing with each other?
    1. Please check if the earbuds need to be charged first.
    2. Try to reset the earbuds
    What can we do if the earbuds stopped connecting to your device?
    1. Please check if the earbuds can connect to other devices.
    2. Try to reset the earbuds.
    Why are the earbuds still connected to my phone after placing them back and closing the case lid?
    1.The charging case has no remaining power. The case can’t turn off the earbuds if the case battery is dead.
    2. Please make sure the earbuds are correctly placed in the charging case, and the contactors on both the charging case and earbuds are clean. Please try to clean them with something like microfiber cloth.
    What can we do if the following issues happen?
    1. One earbud has no sound, or both earbuds lost the sound.
    2. The volume of one earbud is lower than the other.
    1. Please change other songs or videos to have a try.
    2. Change other devices to see if the problem still happens.
    3. Please try to gently clean off the screen with a little alcohol pad.
    4. Please try to reset the earbuds.
    What can we do if the other side could not hear you when calling?
    1. Please choose to pick up phone calls via the earbuds.
    2. Please do not mute the phone calls.
    3. Please kindly adjust the volume through the earbuds and devices to see if it works better.
    4. If you are using the earbuds with an Android phone, please check the settings to see if you have allowed both phone audio and media audio to be transmitted through the earbuds.
    5.Please change other devices to see if it gets better.
    6. Please adjust the earbuds when you wear and try to take one earbud out of your ears and hold them up to your mouth to see if it gets better.
    Why my earbuds stop suddenly when lisening to Apple Musics?
    If you want to use just one earbud, please put the other into the charging case.
    Could the AIR3 connect to several devices at the same time?
    AIR3 does not support to connect to several devices at the same time when they are pairing.
    Why my both earbuds is not loud enough?
    1. Increase the volume of both your device and earbuds.
    2. Use a peice of clothing with a little alcohol to clean the screen.
    3. Please try to reset the earbuds.
    Why my earbuds can not connect automaticaly to my device?
    1. Check whether you have turned off earbuds manually before put it back into the charging case;
    2. Check whether you have connected earbuds to another device before.
    Why my earbuds lose conection somtimes?
    1) Please check how many battery they left when the issue happens.
    2) Please check if it happens when you use wifi or 4G/5G.
    3) Please check if there is any obstacle or interference around you while using the headphones; Like Wireless remote control equipment, radar and so on, the Microwave oven will also affect the Bluetooth signal. Please also make sure the distance between earbuds and device is in 10m when there is no obstacles.
    4) Please clear the pairing record and restart your phone to have a try.
    5) Please try to reset the earbuds.
    Why I feel the sound effect in one earbud is different from another one?
    When some music is recorded, it contains two independent channel information. When playing, the left channel sound can be output through the left headphone, and the right channel sound can be output through the right headphone. This is the basic principle of stereo. So when the earbuds is in stereo mode, you can feel that the two sides are sometimes different, there is something with the music, you could change some different types of music or videos.
    How to adjust the volume on the Air3?
    Volume - : Single tap the left MFB
    Volume + : Single tap the right MFB
    How to Enter / Exit Game Mode?
    Triple tap the left MFB
    How to activate Voice Assistant?
    Triple tap the right MFB
    Does AIR3 has "In-Ear Detection"?
    AIR3 model is a upgraded model which has "In-Ear Detection", which is called "light-sensing in-ear detection technology". When you take off one earbud, they will pause automatically together, and when you bring it back, they will play again.
    What can we do if the AIR3 does not fit for you?
    AIR3 is Semi-in-ear earphone without ear tips. Please adjust the wearing when you use it to make them more stable. You could also try to buy some earbuds covers which will help you well. Single earbud size: 17.3*17.7*33.9mm (Length*Wideth*Height)
    What is the waterproof of AIR3?
    AIR3 has IPX5 rating. They are not designed for swimming, showering, or exposure to pool or ocean water. Do not wear the earbuds in a sauna or steam room.


    User GuideSOUNDPEATS Air3 User Manual2021/08/3111.5MB


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1335 reviews
    A. (CH)
    Microphone Not working

    I bought these earbuds 7 months ago and the Microphone is not working anymore with any devices. Very disappointing

    C. (US)
    Loved this bud. Small, decent mic and sound.

    The case was the best small; I could always carry it with me. Super sad I can't buy them anymore. I've had my since they released back in July 2020 they still work kind of. They went through the washer and a few minutes in the dryer. They work just won't charge the buds.

    T.K. (PE)
    Para todos lados

    Audifonos muy compactos, excelente calidad de sonido, y sobre todo, la calidad del micrófono.
    Excelente producto. Felicitaciones.

    H. (PT)
    Better than iPods.

    I bought this earbuds 8 months ago, They're incredible, the bass is really nice the music sounds amazing and they are really loud( I like it).
    Just yesterday 1 of the earbuds fell into the water by accident, I let it dry for some hours and it's working perfectly, maybe I had a bit of luck, but he earbud survived water xd.

    Anonymous (PL)
    Dobre lekkie słuchawki

    Spoko słuchawki w dobrej cenie (ok. 150zł). Jakość dźwięku jest ok, bateria 🔋 trzyma dość długo, są bardzo lekkie, używam dodatkowe gumki z aliexpress do airpodsów.

    I. (SA)
    Light weight & Hard Grip

    I have a pair of Air3, right side's mic stopped working, so i purchase Hauwai freebuds4, however within 4 days the freebud got lost as it too easry to drop contrary to Air3 which didn't drop in 3 month of use, and compared to freebuds its case is much smaller and more elegant, the air3 is also easier to pick up from the case, and because also of its compact design it doesn't jump of your ear where the freebud has long leg which makes much easier to jump off your ear.

    M.R. (AU)
    Punching above its weight

    Cliche I know. But these earpones/buds give a great sound, much inline with buds that are 2-3 times their prices. I have yet to have fault with these, I bought a new pair for my son when his Apple airpods died and they were less than 6 months, these earphones stepped in filled the void and he couldn't be happier. I couldn't be happier, nice even sound, nothing too loud at any spectrum but the app, though simple, offers the ability to tailor the equaliser more to your taste. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a none sealed earbug or for people who cannot wearing those with tips I would highly recommend these. Thank you for providing such a great product.

    D. (IL)
    love these earphones

    i love my buds so much! so glad i got them
    pros: exactly what i was looking for, for a really good price.
    connect very easily via Bluetooth, voice is recorded well.
    cons: the touch on the buds is a lil hard to get used to, very minor but existing audio lag when connected to a pc

    Michael H. (DE)
    Mega cool

    Ich finde die in ear mega die klag Qualität ist super. Was ich schön finde das man noch einwenig von außen mitbekommt. Super ist auch das man keine Silikon Ohrstöpsel benutzt. Ich sage nur klein und handlich.

    J.S. (DE)

    Habe sehr viele Kopfhörer getestet und das waren bisher die besten, meine Frau nutzt diese auch. Es sollten Gummihülle zum Kopfhörer dazu gegeben werden, so sitzen diese besser im Ohr und tun nach paar Stündchen auch nicht weh :)