Feel free to contact us at support@isoundpeats.com with your order receipt for confirmation. The warranty starts from the original purchase date, and it will not be renewed after a replacement is sent. However, not all damages are included in the warranty. This limited warranty provided by the manufacturer in no way affects a potential statutory warranty provided by law.
Official SOUNDPEATS Warranty Policy
All of SOUNDPEATS products are backed by a (1) one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects for all of its authentic products from the date of purchase. If a product was purchased from the SOUNDPEATS website or a SOUNDPEATS authorized seller and, at the time of purchase, contained a manufacturing defect or had been damaged by improper care prior to the time of purchase, then SOUNDPEATS in its sole discretion, will (i) repair, (ii) replace, or (iii) provide a partial refund for the product if customers agree to keep the unit. SOUNDPEATS reserves the right to inspect any product subject to a warranty claim to determine, at its sole discretion, whether the claimed defect is a defect that is covered by the warranty. SOUNDPEATS DOES NOT ASSUME ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. FOR EXAMPLE DAMAGES CAUSED BY UNAUTHORIZED DISASSEMBLING, MISUSE, ABUSE OR ACCIDENTS, PRODUCTS LOST OR STOLEN, FREE OR FULLY REFUNDED PRODUCTS, ARE NOT COVERED BY OUR WARRANTY.

Please note that because SOUNDPEATS is unable to oversee or control the quality of its products sold by unauthorized sellers, SOUNDPEATS’s warranty is not available for products purchased from unauthorized sellers. SOUNDPEATS’s warranty extends only to products purchased from SOUNDPEATS authorized platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Aliexpress,etc, that are subject to SOUNDPEATS’s quality controls and have agreed to follow its quality controls. Due to limitations on different countries' policy, please claim your warranty from the retailers where you bought from. SOUNDPEATS does not offer a one-year warranty for those who bought from local retailers and unauthorized dealers.

All warranty claims must be processed through the SOUNDPEATS website, or through SOUNDPEATS customer support agents. Warranty Claims must include proof of purchase from an authorized seller in the form of a receipt or invoice that clearly identifies the product model, purchase price paid, and purchase date. Warranty claims are under the sole discretion of SOUNDPEATS and failure to follow the required procedures may cause warranty claims to become void.

The SOUNDPEATS 1-year limited warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty. It provides rights separate to rights provided by consumer law, including but not limited to those relating to non-conforming goods. As such, the SOUNDPEATS 1-year limited warranty is in addition to, and not instead of, rights provided by consumer law and it does not exclude, limit or suspend a buyer’s rights arising from consumer law. Consumers have the right to choose whether to claim service under the SOUNDPEATS 1-year limited warranty or under their consumer law rights. The SOUNDPEATS 1-year limited warranty terms and conditions shall not apply to consumer law claims. For further information about consumer law, please contact your local consumer organization for help.

Your warranty is under the sole discretion of SOUNDPEATS and failure to follow the required procedures may void your warranty claim. Please allow 10 business days for your warranty claim to be processed from the time we receive your Product.

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