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To celebrate our upcoming release LIFE, we're about to have a special giveaway for this Halloween season!!!

We're going to have 20 winners for a pair of LIFE & Peats in this giveaway

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When I was still in high school, my Dad was the bus driver. One year he dressed up as a werewolf, sewed two wigs together, pulled over his head put some fake teeth in, wore rubber gloves that he glued a bunch of hair to and everytime he stopped for a pick up, opened the doors and poor tired kids climbing the stairs would look up and he would growl at them and scare them awake. That was over 40 years ago and I still remember it. Awesome. Miss my Dad.

Ken Balaz October 19, 2022

I once went to a Halloween party and the best dressed was someone dressed as a bleeding vagina.
Not sure to laugh or cry. But everyone definitely wanted a picture with it.

Charleston Lin October 19, 2022

One day i was sitting in my room at like 11:30 pm, heard lots of shit downstairs, assumed it was my mum. Heard her walk up the stairs to my room, stop, I called out to her, she didn’t say anything and walked downstairs. I went down about a half hour later to find a piece of paper with the words “You’re lucky I’m scared too” on it, and a whole bunch of shit was missing. Called mum, she still hadn’t arrived home from a dinner she was at with her friends. I called the cops and locked myself in the bathroom, but I think they left when they realised I was still home, probably the most scared I’ve ever been when I was hiding in the bathroom.

Natasha Salim October 19, 2022

When i was 17yrs old. I woke up in the middle of night at 3:00am . I woke up because i was hungry. Then i go straight to kitchen. At that time the light in kitchen is not working. So the only light that i used is the light in dining table. When i am in kitchen i saw my auntie in front of the rice pot. So i told her why are you still up? She didn’t answer. Then i heard my auntie voice in the dining table. “She said kevin who are you talking to? “ then i suddenly ran fast to her. Told her what happen. Luckily she was there. She told me then she just go yo restroom and heard someone go to kitchen thats why she go to check who is it. Then she heard me talking. If she wasn’t. I don’t know what could have happen.

Kevin barcelon jr October 18, 2022

It was in 2010, I was walking late at night and it’s a little dark outside. As I was walking, I suddenly saw a white figure hanging on my far right side. It gave me a little heart attack, but I muster up my courage to take a hard look and see what it really is. Upon checking, I realized that it was just a white robe hanging in someone’s yard probably just hanged it there to dry out. It was a scary and funny experience at the same time. Haha

Jun-jun Baccay October 18, 2022

One halloween when i was 10 years old it was raining a lot, it almost came to a storm, and my cousins and i were asking for candys house to house. The water almost reached our knees but we were having fun until one of my cousins lost one of her flip flops. We spent like 15 minutes looking for it and never found it. She ended up crying and we headed back home. Nowadays it’s a funny memorie and every halloween we laugh about it.
pd: we were the only ones on the streets that night and half the houses we visited didn’t even boder to open the door

Bautista Arola October 18, 2022

When I was little I had no desire to go trick-or-treating so I instead sat on the front lawn just eating our own Halloween candy that I was supposed to be handing out.

Grayson Fountain October 18, 2022

What’s the best monster to take to a disco?

A boogieman!

Mike October 18, 2022

Something scary is these ppl think it’s ok to give drugs to kids as if it’s candy

Sean Paulson October 18, 2022

Life is a Halloween you never know what are you gonna be.

Prabal Raj Basnyat October 17, 2022

Taking part in the English Corner when I went to colleague, my English teacher Glen brought a lot of cookies and turned the class into a vivid and lively livehouse

Elleni Black October 17, 2022

I went to work dressed like Freddie Mercury. And when I got there, I yelled “eeeoooo” and at least 20 people replied “eeeooo” to me haha

Daniel Marin October 17, 2022

I was dressed as Spiderman for my son’s halloween birthday party. He was turning 4. Nobody knew it was me, except for him. Even when I made a fake voice ☹️ lol

Daniel Marin October 17, 2022

I was dressed as the Joker and went to buy groceries at Walmart. My son was 3 years old and he was dressed as Batman. A lot of people came in to take pictures with us. 😊🃏🦇

Daniel Marin October 17, 2022

People giving kids things that are not candy like cbds and such leave the kids alone and let them just have fun

Sean Paulson October 17, 2022

Funny story when I was a kid and went trick or treating with my big bro. He showed me how to get more candy by taking a pillow cad to carry it in. Only problem was I was so small I kept dragging it and made a whole on the bottom that all my candy fell out of. Once we got home and discovered it. He shared his with me.

Lane Stevens October 17, 2022

I had one hilarious moment when my and my cousins decided to do a prank with my sister but after we laughed out together and it turned out the most funny moment of my life :)

Fariha Mubeen October 17, 2022

Clowns are FUNNY and SCARY at the same time!

Fabian Orozco October 17, 2022

Something funny about a rainy Halloween is seeing all the wet kids in coats with a hint of a costume poking out. “Oh, what a scary ghost in a coat you are! Oh, what a pretty princess in a coat you are!”

Jeff October 17, 2022

Halloween scares are said to show ghosts or apparitions

Joey Santillan October 17, 2022

what’s fun about Halloween is that people dress up to look scary, and there’s candy handed out that’s fun to watch

Arjay Baluyut October 17, 2022

I would like to win this new Soundpeats Life (my country don’t have Halloween)

Marcel Carvalho October 17, 2022

I wanted to make a zombie mask by myself using glue. I used wood glue painted with red paint. Firstly, it looks very cool but minutes later my skin felt itchy just like burnt or stung by bee. Tried to wash n clean from my face but my face just like baked shrimp. My friend told me “You don’t have to DIY a zombie mask, your face already a zombie”…..

Nanang Sugiarto October 17, 2022

Last time when i went on vacation in the Philippines me and my family went on our province.One time when me and relatives are drinking together at night we dare each other to go to a abandoned house near in our place..Once we get there, we intend to open the door to enter but we noticed that there is a person inside the house cooking something because we smell something meaty..So we decided to go back because were thinking that maybe there is still someone living there..The neext morning when we wake up we told to our grand parents that we visit that abandoned house and were asking if there is someone living there..And we are all shocked of what our grand parents said to us..“Its been a long time that no one is living there..The family that owns the house are all dead due to food poisoning and no one dares to go there after tha insident” my grand parents said..

Alexander Avellano October 17, 2022

Been using Soundpeats TWS products for a year and it didnt failed me for the sound quality and a powerful bass..Hope they will continue and looking forward for their smartwatches with calling feature..

Alexander Avellano October 17, 2022

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